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1 = Infinity

One Equals Infinity refers to the fact that every event happens only once and can never be repeated. From Energy Events.

ūüéČ Silvia Hartmann's YouTube Channel Surpasses 500 Subscribers!

A big congratulations to Silvia Hartmann and her new YouTube channel for surpassing 500 subscribers this month!

Silvia is regularly uploading fantastic free videos on all aspects of Modern Energy so thanks to all subscribers for supporting the channel.

NEW Healing Pain With Love - Sandra Hillawi

GoE Trainer Trainer, highly experience Energist and GoE Friend, Sandra Hillawi has created two NEW products. Get help for your pain, whatever kind of pain that may be, without drugs, gadgets, lotions or potions, simply with love, and even children can do it. 


Celebrate World Energy Awareness Day With Us On August 8th!

Join us, and thousands of energists around the world, on August 8th at 8pm, 888, to celebrate and ring in the annual World Energy Awareness Day, energists pride!

Read on for more information about Energy 888...

Modern Energy Tapping for Labour Pain

GoE Energy Trainer¬†Ňěirin Ak, recently¬†presented her findings for using Modern Energy Tapping during Labour, at the 1st International Birth Teams and Birth Psychology Congress. In the referenced case a SUE Scale score of -5 was given prior to any Tapping. After Modern Energy Tapping was given whilst labour was progressing, along with a positive focus, the ladies SUE Scale Score moved from negative to positive with a SUE Score of +6 given. Labour also continued to progress effectively, and the lady reported feeling less tense and more calm.

Bereavement & Energy - The Two Trees

Trying to understand the processes of bereavement makes no sense without energy in mind - but when we start to understand how a couple bubble works, it becomes clear just how much of a cataclysm bereavement really represents. Conversely, Modern Energy gives us the tools and approaches we need to experience a very different kind of healing process from bereavement.

Introducing Spidey - Your Modern Energy Search Engine!

Looking for anything on Modern Energy? We're pretty sure the Modern Energy Spidey can find it for you!

Spidey is a search engine whom regularly visits over 1,000 websites on Modern Energy and has already indexed 8,000 pages. This includes how-to articles, videos, practitioners, trainers, events, news and downloads.

Just like Google & Bing, Spidey will bring you top results in a fraction of a second.

  • Try Spidey out today and remember to bookmark him! - Spidey

The A-Z of Modern Energy Now Online At GoE.ac

Find out the meanings of Modern Energy terms, phrases and concepts with the A-Z of Modern Energy.

Modern Energy Tapping and Modern Stress Management Taught In A School!

Great to see new GoE Energy Trainer¬†Yasin Taha¬†and Professional GoE Practitioner¬†Elif EriŇügen¬†taking MSM and Modern Energy Tapping into a secondary school, in Uskudar, Turkey.

Fantastic to see, Well Done! ✨

PTSD FREE - Free Help For PTSD Sufferers

Helping PTSD sufferers FREE with Modern Stress Management - the PTSD FREE Project created by Silvia Hartmann in June of 2019.

The Healing Chalice

This is a classic metasong story by Silvia Hartmann as we find out how we can turn an ordinary glass into a POWERFUL HEALING CHALICE.

Energy For Absolute Beginners

A Visitor asked: "A friend sent me a link to this site, but I don't know what's going on here! What is this energy stuff? Isn't energy gas or petrol? Can you explain ...?"

Here is an article for energy greenhorns - Energy For Absolute Beginners

When you are your own case study!

GoE Wendy Fry walks her talk in this wonderful case story, facing her looming dental extraction head on, using EMO and MET to get her through it! Wendy says: "This is the second time I've used these processes on 'physical' changes working with the energy build up before-during-after either 'accident' or treatment/procedure etc. It's a fab way of working through....it's only Energy!"

GoE Trainer of the Month - May 2019

Huge +10 CONGRATULATIONS to Turkey's Gulay Gecu for winning GoE Trainer of the Month for January 2019!

A big "Well done!" also to our runners-up:

  • 2nd Place -¬†Nimet √Ėzkan
  • 3rd Place -¬†Eda Kuralay

3rd Field

Modern Energy is the new 3rd Field in the Mind, Body, Spirit triad.

Natural Healing - While You Sleep ...

This is a beautiful SuperMind pattern that will not only get you to sleep, but also support your energy body to nourish and protect it in the night.

Couple Bubble

When two people's energy systems combine, a couple bubble is formed that is more than the sum of their parts.

Emotion Scale

The Emotion Scale (Hartmann 2003) re-connects intuition, emotion and psychosomatics into a single system with different degrees of intensity.

0% to 100% Rule

The 0% to 100% Rule states that before we begin an energy based intervention, working with the ENERGY BODY, we cannot know if or how much effect the energy intervention will have on physical, practical, behavioural and/or psychological problems.

Click (The Click)

The Click is a 6th Sense experience which has been described as feeling like a bolt of electricity going through the body, causing the hairs on your arms and the back of the neck to stand up.


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